He changed my mind

He changed my mind

No, I’m not losing my mind and becoming a Trumpbot.

I read something yesterday that made me reconsider my decision to leave the Republican party.

I saw this piece at the Right Scoop:

TRUMP: You knew the party was united when they BOOED Ted Cruz off the stage

That was a bold faced fucking lie. The convention had been instructed to boo Cruz after anyone who disagreed with your ascension to the throne was silenced. You joined forces with the establishment you decried and silenced your opposition. You are a liar, a conman, and a second rate example of a third rate man.

The party are the Republican voters.

I reserve my right to maintain my position in the Republican party. I reserve my right to not vote for the top of the ticket and vote down ticket. Voting for or against having ascertained if they supported your candidacy.

I’m not touching the top part of the ticket. I refuse to vote for you and will not.

If you lose I will laugh at you, your true-believers, and the establishment who embraced you.

But I will, if you win, whip you like a dog on this blog whenever you misstep, intentionally fuck-up, or lie.

It’s a win-win for me.

I enjoy watching you crash and burn either way you narcissistic demagogue.

Oh hell yes!

Oh hell yes!


1 million x this!

I’ve quit calling it Breitbart because it’s now Trumpbart.

It used to be a decent website. The left detested it. Now it sounds more leftist than some of the leftist sites. I no longer go there. I watched in shock as it deteriorated quickly. Becoming more and more unhinged. Like their glorious leader Trump. What finally caused me to turn my back on the screaming squirrels at Breitbart was seeing Ivanka posting in comments and Roger Stone being treated as a serious journalist.

It makes me wonder just how much Donald paid them for their souls.

Oh for God’s sakes! Shut up Donald, shut up!

Oh for God’s sakes! Shut up Donald, shut up!

Trump: Republicans ‘have no choice’ but to vote for me

“If you really like Donald Trump, that’s great, but if you don’t, you have to vote for me anyway. You know why? Supreme Court judges, Supreme Court judges,” Trump said at a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.



Enough already. He can’t guarantee any judges he nominates would make decisions that Republicans would agree with in any form or fashion. Some of the worst decisions in the near past have been made with the collusion of Republican nominated judges.

Both Donald and his slobbering horde of minions are beating a dead horse. Give it up.

Bitch, please!

Is Hillary healthy?

Is Hillary healthy?

I disagree with the woman politically but having read this story it raises some questions. If she is having health issues where are those around her who are supposedly concerned for her as a human being. Is her life worth running for President? This article is written by a Doctor. The video of, as he describes, her having a mild seizure is concerning.

Is Hillary Healthy Enough to Lead?

IMO, neither candidate has been medically vetted. We have one on the Republican side who sometimes appears to have dementia (he answers the same question from different sources not with the same answer but with conflicting answers.) while on the Democrat side we have a candidate who appears to be suffering with a brain injury.

The look on the faces of those around her watching what happens. Wow. Her attempt to blame the drink she’s drinking seem to prove she knows she has a problem.

This is a horrible election year in so many ways. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Donald is courting Bernie voters

Donald is courting Bernie voters

If this represents what Bernie supports… what does it say about Donald that he’d have no problem getting in bed with Bernie’s supporters?

Bernie Sanders Invites Spain’s Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel Party Leader to Democratic Convention

In Madrid, the party’s affiliate is called Ahora Madrid. The head of Madrid’s department of culture, Guillermo Zapata, who is a member, tweeted:

“ ‘How do you fit five million Jews in a SEAT 600 [a car]?’ Answer: ‘In an ashtray.’”

This information isn’t getting much attention because of the DNCLeaks/DNC Convention, etc. Wow. I’ve watched Donald schmoozing on Twitter trying to court Bernie voters. If they’re like their candidate. OMG. These people are preferable to Donald than Cruz/Conservative voters?

Personal message to former Republican conservatives: It was time to leave the Republican party because it’s becoming something hideous.

Donald Trump links 7/27

Donald Trump links 7/27

This one will be longer. Had to take a break yesterday for my Husbands eye surgery.

From Red State: Too Much To Ask

From Rightscoop: TRUMP FLIP FLOPS on minimum wage, uses liberal talking point to attack uncaring Republicans Read more: http://therightscoop.com/trump-flip-flops-on-minimum-wage-uses-liberal-talking-point-to-attack-uncaring-republicans/#ixzz4Fbn38RH1

(This one made my head explode. There’s one line that proves Donald is a Democrat pretending to be a Republican. “I know it’s not very Republican to say but you need to help people.” That’s twice. The first time was his ridiculous comment that he was surprised that Republicans didn’t want to kill gay/LGBTQ people. What kind of fucking Republican would say that? They wouldn’t.. but a Democrat pretending to be a Republican would. – Obstinate Bitch)

From Washington Post: The creator of the viral pro-Trump act ‘USA Freedom Kids’ now plans to sue the campaign

(This is how he treats people. Integrity my ass. – Obstinate Bitch)

From Mother Jones: Trump Has a Conflict-of-Interest Problem No Other White House Candidate Ever Had

From TheGuardian: Donald Trump and the Central Park Five: the racially charged rise of a demagogue

From Hot Air: Is Trump a racist?

*This post will be updated as information rises to the surface of the scummy pond of the political world

Donald Trump cares about the average Joe.. it’s a lie

Donald Trump cares about the average Joe.. it’s a lie

America: Exposed Donald Trump

A documentary about the locals fighting Donald’s golf course in Scotland.

It’s a long video but it clearly makes the point that the only thing that matters to Trump is himself.

There’s a point in the video where he’s heard to say (paraphrasing) tear down these houses, when told it might cause a problem,
he says I don’t care.

Trump’s true-believers have blindly believed his lies.

He wouldn’t piss on them to put them out if they were on fire.

Trump troll farms in Russia

Trump troll farms in Russia

To all of you living breathing Trump fans take a gander at this link from Heatstreet:

Donald Trump’s Russian Trollbots Caught Attacking Lion Ted Cruz

Oh my god that image with all of the tweets saying exactly the same thing! It would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous. You people are being played!

Trump is a liar and Putin wants you to believe him.

Because Putin understands something you don’t…

Donald can be easily manipulated if you stroke his ego.

I sincerely doubt Donald would pass a security check if he was applying for a low level government job.

The Rise of the Third Reich/The Fall of the Third Reich

The Rise of the Third Reich/The Fall of the Third Reich

Watching it on the History channel.

I’ve always wondered how decent intelligent people were swallowed into Hitler’s movement.

It wasn’t one big thing it was many small things that led to it.

Watching it I’ve gone from nausea, to weeping, to wanting to vomit.

I’ve always told my Son “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it”.

I bought a copy on Amazon to show him how easy it is for a dictator to rise.

Damn, I wish I drank.

Sarah Palin and Suicide Vests

Sarah Palin and Suicide Vests

I apologize for ever having supported this moron.

We Need To Be Better, Not Bitter, As Trump’s Opponents Start Hopping On Our Bandwagon

Conveniently, oppressors of this nationalist revolution found a way to save face. The obvious wall-writing told them they’d lose money and influence if they continued fighting AGAINST the majority, so the donor class scattered from their polarizing candidate when Ted Cruz’s suicide vest detonated at the GOP convention.

The constitution, faith, freedom, integrity, and conscience are a suicide vest.

I’m going to leave it at God have mercy on her soul.

She is totally screwed up.

Dear Wikileaks

Dear Wikileaks

Would it be possible to hack the RNC email system?

*Not holding my breath

Looks like Priebus is saying if the RNC was hacked their e-mails would be fine.

Yeah, I can believe it.

They’re probably experts at hiding the truth/covering their asses.

Ted Cruz did not beg the DNC for money

Ted Cruz did not beg the DNC for money

Watching the freakout on twitter over the DNCleaks thing I noticed some twittering about Cruz begging for money from the DNC. I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and say they’re Bernie supporters who are overwrought. Here’s a link to Wikileaks to a supposed Cruz e-mail.

Subject: Cruz email: URGENT: Trump’s bullying

If you look at the top it’s from bennete at his DNC address.

Looking further down you see another email address to which the Cruz email has been sent. ericbennett12 at perhaps his private e-mail address or one created for this purpose. He signed up for Cruz’s mailing list to gather information, or spy if you will. It is an e-mail requesting donations but NOT from the DNC.

As I said it’s voters who are upset or there is the possibility that it’s a Trump supporter stirring up shit. They’ve been doing that all day long trying to enlist Bernie voters for Trump. They’re not doing too well.

Most who have said they weren’t voting for Hillary are voting for Johnson or Jill.

I feel sorry for them. I’ve been betrayed too… I know how it feels.

Twitter is a riot

Twitter is a riot

Watching the DNCLeaks freakout. Bernie people are rightfully upset. I feel your pain.. we were screwed over too.

Here comes old Donald of Orange trying to win Bernie’s fans to his side. After last night tweeting disparaging comments about Bernie. Hey, it’s how he rolls. I didn’t vote for him!

Slithering in right behind Donald are his true believers and supporters. Conspiracy theorists and alt-right (nazi/kkk) devotees. Talking shit and attacking.

Excellent work on drawing in new voters.

We are all so incredibly fucked..

Sweet meteor of death now would be a good time!

Oh dear god… the “cuck” word was just used.

Fucking morons!

Geez, not this shit again

Geez, not this shit again

After having given his “great” speech he goes on television and starts the bullshit about Cruz again.

Ted is living in his head rent free.

What a small man. He wins and won’t let it go.

He’s out for total destruction.

That’s what he does. Destroy.

We know he hates those who have principles, integrity, common decency, and honor because he has none of those qualities.

Republican party you created this dictator wannabe.

You own it.

One question for those who are supporting this man.

If he goes after Cruz like this.

What the fuck makes you think he won’t do the same thing to you and your loved ones?

Mike Pence

Mike Pence

One would almost feel sympathy for him if it weren’t for the fact that he accepted the bargain. He sold his soul.

When looking at him I get a “Nadine” vibe. I don’t think he realized what he was getting himself into.

Nadine? Nadine from the Stand.

“We are damned and this is hell”.