Who I Am

Who I Am

I am a 52 year old housewife and Mother. We’re by no means wealthy. I don’t wear furs or diamonds. My wedding ring cost $9.99 and I love it. I live in an apartment not a mansion. I don’t drive a fancy expensive car. I drive a 2009 Cobalt. I didn’t go to college.

I used to chuckle when I’d hear someone from some other country who was protesting say “We don’t hate the American people.. we hate your government”. The government of America is it’s people. Right now the “government of America” is on the edge of a gaping abyss and we’re fighting for the right to be the first to jump in.

No one may see this. I may change nothing. At least I’ve stood for something.

I have no delusions of grandeur. I have no desire for power. I love freedom.

Someone has to stand at the edge and scream stop.