“Lock her up” my ass

“Lock her up” my ass

Trump won’t pursue case against Clinton, Conway says

Told you so. You bought his bullshit, and still buy his bullshit, but you’ll slowly find out he has no integrity.

He will tell you one thing and then do the opposite.

He’s a typical lying politician.

Seriously you people need to quit worshiping at politicians feet.

They will always disappoint you.

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From The Politistick:

Will Donald Trump Lock Hillary Up? Kellyanne Conway Reveals the Answer [VIDEO]

The quote over there is incredible. Help Hillary heal?!?!?

If my Husband had done what she did he’d have been fired and thrown in jail!

This from a man who called himself a law and order candidate? He’s going to let her off?

He lied to his supporters?

Why am I not surprised.

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