The Trump Clown Posse.. Kellyanne Conway edition

The Trump Clown Posse.. Kellyanne Conway edition

His posse is all pissed because anyone dared to suggest that Bannon is a fanboy of the alt right.

Cry me a river, build me a bridge and get the fuck over it.

From TPM:

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told reporters that she was “personally offended” by suggestions that Bannon represented the alt-right, even though he has proudly said that his website does. Conway said she would not “manage a campaign where that would be one of the going philosophies.”

She’s laughable.

All you had to do was to look at Trumps twitter account to see the shit he re-tweeted from the knuckle dragging members of the alt right. Her boss repeatedly re-tweeted alt right tweets. Even after being called out on it. Trump savaged Carson, Cruz, and a judge who just happened to be mexican. He calls for deportation. Building a wall. His stance on immigration.

Then he places Bannon in this position.

Is it that fucking difficult to see why the alt right would be so on board the Trump Train?

They see Trump as a fellow traveler.

They also see him as someone who can be manipulated. I think it’s hilarious that this crowd of dumbasses told us to not dismiss the Trump “movement” that it wasn’t as small as we claimed. I hate to tell them this but the alt right and their fellow travelers aren’t a small movement either. They’re world wide. They want power and they’ll use people to get what they want.

Even Presidents.

*Added later

Bannon doesn’t have to be a full blown alt right/nazi/kkk member people. The fact that he sees nothing wrong in reaching out to those people is a serious problem. He’s wrong to do it. They shouldn’t be given ANY credibility by anyone especially Trump and his crowd because by doing so they’re affirming what people who are not Republicans (left/democrats) have thought for a long time! Is that so fucking hard to understand? If you’re not what they claim you are to give any sign of accepting racists support should be something you run away from. Don’t embrace them!

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