I don’t feel the need to defend Trump

I don’t feel the need to defend Trump

Because I never supported him. IMO, he wasn’t a reputable candidate. Unlike some who now are “giving him the benefit of the doubt” and defending him after being strident in their opposition to his candidacy I’m going to stick to what I believed before election day. You see I didn’t think he was qualified to be President on Nov 7th. He didn’t magically become qualified on Nov 9th.

He’s not my candidate. I didn’t vote for him. I also didn’t vote for Hillary. So I feel that I can say things like this…

To Republicans/the Right:
Donald Trump is not Jesus Christ. Quit acting as though he is perfect. I’ve seen some batshit crazy shit said by his supporters online. He can do no wrong to his believers. They accept his actions even though in the past they’ve been opposed to those same actions by others. It’s insane. He’s a deeply flawed human being who believes he’s perfect and “great”. That is dangerous. His ego is immense. He’s also easily manipulated which is why his choice of Steve Bannon is dangerous. You see I’ve been to the hell holes of the Alt-Right online. I’ve seen what they say and it’s not good. They see Trump as someone they can manipulate. To them he’s a useful idiot. They’ll use him and they have no problem saying it. They want to spread their vile gospel around the world. And they’re doing it. Trump during the campaign was re-tweeting tweets from the alt right. If he didn’t want to be connected to them he should never have been giving them credibility. But then again he also believes Alex Jones is a reputable person. Donald Trump is a fucking train wreck about to happen and I refuse to defend him in any way.

To Democrats/the Left:
I won’t tell you to grow up but I will tell you that you don’t play a game and then try and change the rules. Your candidate lost not because of her gender but because of who she was and what she’s done in the past. Quit screaming and crying. You will not always win and you may think your side is superior but that doesn’t make it the truth. You are guilty of judging people by their “group” and not as individuals. You are bigots whether you will admit it or not. The reason the American people fell for Trump’s neo-populism is because for years they’ve been accused of being something that most of them are not. Your holier than thou attitude is why you’re now facing four years of a Trump presidency.

Trump believes he’s perfect and you believe the same about yourselves. You are Trump. You have no one to blame for your loss but yourselves. You need to spend your time in the wilderness in introspection and not spend it doing what you’re doing at the moment. But I don’t think you’ll do the mature thing. You never have.

To both sides:
IMO, you’re all fucking screaming squirrels. You should be fucking ashamed of what you’ve done to our country and you should be ashamed of what you’ve become.

I thank God that I didn’t fall for your bullshit.

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