To the Parents of the protesters

To the Parents of the protesters

It’s time for you to have a conversation with your child.

You should be honest and tell them that you lied to them when they were growing up.

They aren’t special. Yes, they’re special TO YOU because you’re their parents. Everyone else? Eh, not so much.

You might also might explain to them that there will be times they will lose elections. Politics sucks.

They need to understand that not everyone in the country agrees with them. That does not mean that they’re right and the other person is wrong. It means they disagree.

Your child is not allowed, out of disappointment or anger, to call the opposition nazis, racists, sexists, etc. That does not change minds.. it hardens positions.

They need to clearly understand that gays, african americans, and women voted for Trump whether they like it or not.

They need to understand the world doesn’t revolve around their pet causes.

Having seen some of the signs at the protests, if my child held up a sign that was so horribly misspelled, I would demand that they return home for some remedial education.

You need to explain to little Hubert or Petunia that disappointment is a part of life. They will not always win and they for damned sure won’t always get a trophy. We’re talking about the real world and not the educational bubble. There won’t be any “safe spaces” and “being triggered” won’t work when they have a job. What it will get them is fired. Better to be honest with them now than to listen to them snivel after finding out they’re not a “special little snowflake”.

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