Finally it’s over

Finally it’s over

Thank God. How do I feel having been anti-Trump? Fine. I feel no regret at all. I truly expect Trump to be Trump. Same shit different day. The American Idol nation just elected the American Idol candidate. If you honestly think people elected him because they believed he was the better candidate you’re fooling yourself. They voted AGAINST Hillary and no it wasn’t because she was a woman. It was because she was Hillary and a Clinton. People are tired of the family dynasty bullshit. Let’s just hope that Chelsea took the hint.

And the current first lady. Note to the Democrats: Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Just sayin!

I feel great. The Trump posse probably imagine the Never Trumps as crying today. Ha. Not happening. Oh some are saying they’re going to give him a chance and that we need to come together. Can’t do that. Won’t do that.

America just elected a candidate who in his own mind believes he can do no wrong and is perfect. The egotist won. A man who has filed bankruptcy multiple times has been elected President of a morally and financially bankrupt nation. For years I’ve said that the lunatics are running the asylum. Well they just elected as head lunatic the patient who thinks he’s Napoleon. Bout what I expected. No surprise.

There are only two things that irritate me. One is that after eight years of hearing “let me be clear” I have to listen to a man who uses words and phrases like “bigly” “yuge” “it’ll be great”. For that I’d love to crotch punch the voters.

For four years I’ll have to look at that face.

I mean look at that face! Can you believe anyone voted for that face?

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