Clinton Implosion

Clinton Implosion

First let me say I’ve already voted and did not vote for Trump OR Clinton. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that neither one of them is a credible Presidential candidate. They’re also not good role models. For anyone. Period.

Hillary and her fans are screaming that the FBI has done this to screw with the election. Right. Hillary has been behaving like a power mad fool for years leading up to this. She brought this on herself. She claims to be for the little guy but in reality, as we’re now finding out, she’s been for herself all along. Laughably some are saying this is “an attack on women”. Seriously? Is that the best defense you can come up with? If she were a man this would be happening. What terrifies Hillary and crew is that this came out of nowhere. Trump had nothing to do with it. If she survives politically until election day I’m guessing she’s got a good chance of losing. If that happens. Fine. One down.

Because if Trump wins then we go after him. I have no doubt that he’ll screw up pretty early in his Presidency.

Neither of the candidates really understand the fact that we want neither of them. If one goes down then we go after the one that remains. Impeachment works for Democrats AND Republicans.

If they think by winning that they’re safe. They’re wrong.

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