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This is about how our culture has become insane. If you’ve never read “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton I would be surprised. It’s always been a very popular book among teens. I won’t be giving a synopsis of what the book is about. Look it up. She wrote the book when she was a 15 year old living in Oklahoma.

Well social media is ripping her apart because she dared to say characters she created weren’t gay.

‘Outsiders’ Author S.E. Hinton Crucified on Social Media for Saying Her Characters Aren’t Gay

She created the characters. She has every write to say they weren’t gay.

When I first read the book I could plainly see that this group of young men who lacked parenting for the reasons she gave were a FAMILY. The book is about family and friendship. Not sex. At 15 she didn’t even know any gay people. She says that. But no, she hates gays because she said characters she created weren’t gay.

A reader interprets the book but that doesn’t mean their interpretation is correct.

The only person whose interpretation truly counts is the author. She knows why she wrote her characters the way she did. It’s not social sin for her to say they weren’t gay. It’s simply the truth.

I know it’s a shock for some of the younger generation to read this but it IS possible for people to be simply friends. Nothing more. When did the idea of fucking your friends become a “thing”? It will destroy a friendship. If some claim it doesn’t then they’re lying to themselves so they can be social warrior keyboard commandos banging away at their keyboards to attack people who dare to disagree with them.

I actually had the chance to meet Hinton when they made the Outsiders movie. She’s a very nice woman who doesn’t deserve this crap. Social media was one of the worst inventions ever created. It’s turned into a monster looking for someone to devour. She’s just one of the many current victims. It’s sad that something that was most likely created for good has turned into a weapon for the hateful.

When I was younger I used to wonder why older people would say things like “stay off my lawn!”.

Now that I’m older I understand.

They don’t want the crazy to get too fucking close.

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