Trumpers and their glorious leader fluffing numbers

Trumpers and their glorious leader fluffing numbers

You see it all the time. The incessant fluffing of the Trump campaigns numbers/polling numbers/followers, etc.

“OMGZ there were 30,000 people in the auditorium for Donald’s speech”. Then you find out if they were lucky it might have been 3000.

“Look at this online poll! It proves Trump won the debate!” After the same group of people hit said online poll repeatedly to make it appear that Trump won. Insane, much?

“Our website has had a massive increase in views since we openly started supporting Trump. This clearly shows the YUGE numbers of his supporters.” I don’t know how many Trump supporting sites I visit every day. I am not a Trump supporter. I go there to see the crazy shit they’re spewing. Makes for good blog posts or if nothing else gives me a chuckle at the rampant stupidity of his supporters and their candidate.

“I have a bazillion followers on Twitter!” Not a true figure Donald’s tossed out but I laugh my ass off every time I hear him mention his vast following on Twitter. Donald, you clearly have issues with math. Your bankruptcies prove that. If you remove the bots following you, the russians following you, and all of the people who detest your ass who are following you. I’d be willing to bet your following on Twitter ain’t all that.

And to those who would say it’s wrong to point out the stupidity of his voters, how “some feel like they have no choice”, that’s a lie. They do have a choice. They need to be isolated and ridiculed as necessary so they understand they bear the responsibility for this shit show of an election. They are the ones who have been utterly hateful to anyone who doesn’t support the Cheeto God. They made their bed.. so they must lie in it.

They won’t be given cookies and milk when he loses. This is politics not a fucking garden party.

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