Meh the debate

Meh the debate

Went about like i thought it would with two people of no character trying to portray themselves as moral and political giants.

Hillary with her wooden practiced answers and honest to god frightening smile. A real woman would have kicked Bill’s ass to the curb over his philandering. That was bad enough but for the love of all that is holy when it came out he took multiple trips on the Lolita express to the pedophile island we found out just how much she cared about her future political career. He was her way into the white house and she wasn’t giving that up. She didn’t care that her Husband diddled young girls.

IMO, she shouldn’t talk about women’s issues because she isn’t one. She’s the third sex. Politician.

Then there’s Trump. I’m no feminist but he acted like a sexist ass during the debate. The faces and the way he spoke to her (and remember I’m no Hillary fan). My Mother taught me you treat everyone with respect. Evidently Trump was never taught that little gem. I laughed out loud when he threatened her with talking about Bill. Oh really? The man who could equal Bill morally is going to use Bill’s immorality as a stick on Hillary. You can’t make this shit up! I won’t bring up his Dad’s history or the fact that Donald is a scumbag who would force people from their homes for his fucking golf course. But let’s talk about the island again. Donald went there at least once. He was friends with the owner and only ended their friendship after the man was convicted. And then there’s Donald’s dislike of anyone not what he would consider beautiful and perfect. Look up his comments about the Racehorse Theory. He embraces the Alt-Right. He begs us to trust him. That it will all be great. I don’t trust him. Something tells me not to trust him.

If you listen to Donald you know he considers himself a perfect example of a human. Then he uses the word bigly. Yeah, not voting for the moron. NEVER.

So no. Mind wasn’t changed and I will never vote for either one of the fucking losers.

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