The Khan/Smith Fiasco

The Khan/Smith Fiasco

It’s amazing. Instead of being understanding that these parents are devastated by the deaths of their sons the two candidates decided to attack the parents in varying degrees.

I seem to recall someone they both dislike, George W. Bush, experienced something more extreme with Cindy Sheehan. She protested outside his Texas home bringing the media circus along.

He didn’t attack her because he understood she was in pain.

Why the hell couldn’t they have behaved as Presidential instead of showing their asses?

Simple answer.

Neither of these losers act remotely Presidential.

They shouldn’t be in the White House let alone live there.

I pray to God that they never experience what these parents did.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

IMO, the parents should never have been part of the conventions. They are grieving and inconsolable. And we all know how blood thirsty the media, pundits, and the candidates supporters are when it comes to stories like these. Yes, the parents should speak out if they choose to. But they were used as set dressing for the conventions. They and their pain were used to accrue political advantage. Shame.

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