Breitbart writers lack reading comprehension skills

Breitbart writers lack reading comprehension skills

I refuse to link to the morons. The title of the post I will be referring to is this:

Useful Idiots: ‘Conservative’ Pundits Gaga Over Democrat Parlor Tricks

They claim the NeverTrumpers were praising the DNC convention. Wrong. And you’re tagging the wrong group as useful idiots. That would be you. You’re welcome.

Their reading comprehension skills are lacking. What they in their blind worship of the Orange Calf are failing to understand is that the NeverTrumpers were in mourning for their party. They were disgusted that the Breitbart mob, the Trumphumpers, the Republican establishment, and the Orange Calf have ceded what was for generations considered Republican to the Democrats. They were mourning the fact that the DNC were waving flags and talking about “our” values while the RNC convention was about worshiping the Orange Calf and becoming Democrat v2.0.

Their was no love of Hillary or the Democrat party. It’s all in the, IMO, deranged minds of the Trump supporters.

You could say, as the title of this post says, they lack reading comprehension skills. If you don’t believe that then you must accept that the main driving force behind Breitbart is to stir up the hatred of the Never Trumps in the true-believers of the Orange Calf.

They have become full-on Trump propagandists.

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