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Clinton Implosion

Clinton Implosion

First let me say I’ve already voted and did not vote for Trump OR Clinton. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that neither one of them is a credible Presidential candidate. They’re also not good role models. For anyone. Period.

Hillary and her fans are screaming that the FBI has done this to screw with the election. Right. Hillary has been behaving like a power mad fool for years leading up to this. She brought this on herself. She claims to be for the little guy but in reality, as we’re now finding out, she’s been for herself all along. Laughably some are saying this is “an attack on women”. Seriously? Is that the best defense you can come up with? If she were a man this would be happening. What terrifies Hillary and crew is that this came out of nowhere. Trump had nothing to do with it. If she survives politically until election day I’m guessing she’s got a good chance of losing. If that happens. Fine. One down.

Because if Trump wins then we go after him. I have no doubt that he’ll screw up pretty early in his Presidency.

Neither of the candidates really understand the fact that we want neither of them. If one goes down then we go after the one that remains. Impeachment works for Democrats AND Republicans.

If they think by winning that they’re safe. They’re wrong.

WT everloving F

WT everloving F

This is about how our culture has become insane. If you’ve never read “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton I would be surprised. It’s always been a very popular book among teens. I won’t be giving a synopsis of what the book is about. Look it up. She wrote the book when she was a 15 year old living in Oklahoma.

Well social media is ripping her apart because she dared to say characters she created weren’t gay.

‘Outsiders’ Author S.E. Hinton Crucified on Social Media for Saying Her Characters Aren’t Gay

She created the characters. She has every write to say they weren’t gay.

When I first read the book I could plainly see that this group of young men who lacked parenting for the reasons she gave were a FAMILY. The book is about family and friendship. Not sex. At 15 she didn’t even know any gay people. She says that. But no, she hates gays because she said characters she created weren’t gay.

A reader interprets the book but that doesn’t mean their interpretation is correct.

The only person whose interpretation truly counts is the author. She knows why she wrote her characters the way she did. It’s not social sin for her to say they weren’t gay. It’s simply the truth.

I know it’s a shock for some of the younger generation to read this but it IS possible for people to be simply friends. Nothing more. When did the idea of fucking your friends become a “thing”? It will destroy a friendship. If some claim it doesn’t then they’re lying to themselves so they can be social warrior keyboard commandos banging away at their keyboards to attack people who dare to disagree with them.

I actually had the chance to meet Hinton when they made the Outsiders movie. She’s a very nice woman who doesn’t deserve this crap. Social media was one of the worst inventions ever created. It’s turned into a monster looking for someone to devour. She’s just one of the many current victims. It’s sad that something that was most likely created for good has turned into a weapon for the hateful.

When I was younger I used to wonder why older people would say things like “stay off my lawn!”.

Now that I’m older I understand.

They don’t want the crazy to get too fucking close.

I voted

I voted

I chose to vote for no one for President. There are many reasons, and I will talk about those later, but the main reason is this..

I’m tired of voting for people who don’t know what it’s like on the ground out here in the real world. They’ve spent so much time in their ivy towers of power that they honestly don’t know what it’s like to be a normal everyday American. They don’t drive. I doubt Donald Trump has ever been in a grocery store to buy groceries. Hillary Clinton hasn’t done that in a very long time. They’ve lost touch with everyday Americans and because of that have lost touch with reality.

When you walk into a grocery store right now and end up spending over $200 on basic groceries there is something seriously wrong. Then you see the two people who their parties have nominated claim to be on your side.

It’s insulting and it’s a bold faced lie.

It’s time someone was elected who HAS had to live within a family budget, buys groceries, and fucking drives a car.

We need to stop electing candidates who crave power.


Breitbart mailing list antics

Breitbart mailing list antics

I’ve had them remove me. But I thought I’d post this here so others would be aware.

Regular Breitbart mailing:

Trump donation request:

Click on them to get a good look.

We’ve been saying they should change their name to Trumpbart. They’re not in the tank for Trump. They ARE Trump. They are no longer objective in any form or fashion. They aren’t a news site. They’re a propaganda site.

Trumpers and their glorious leader fluffing numbers

Trumpers and their glorious leader fluffing numbers

You see it all the time. The incessant fluffing of the Trump campaigns numbers/polling numbers/followers, etc.

“OMGZ there were 30,000 people in the auditorium for Donald’s speech”. Then you find out if they were lucky it might have been 3000.

“Look at this online poll! It proves Trump won the debate!” After the same group of people hit said online poll repeatedly to make it appear that Trump won. Insane, much?

“Our website has had a massive increase in views since we openly started supporting Trump. This clearly shows the YUGE numbers of his supporters.” I don’t know how many Trump supporting sites I visit every day. I am not a Trump supporter. I go there to see the crazy shit they’re spewing. Makes for good blog posts or if nothing else gives me a chuckle at the rampant stupidity of his supporters and their candidate.

“I have a bazillion followers on Twitter!” Not a true figure Donald’s tossed out but I laugh my ass off every time I hear him mention his vast following on Twitter. Donald, you clearly have issues with math. Your bankruptcies prove that. If you remove the bots following you, the russians following you, and all of the people who detest your ass who are following you. I’d be willing to bet your following on Twitter ain’t all that.

And to those who would say it’s wrong to point out the stupidity of his voters, how “some feel like they have no choice”, that’s a lie. They do have a choice. They need to be isolated and ridiculed as necessary so they understand they bear the responsibility for this shit show of an election. They are the ones who have been utterly hateful to anyone who doesn’t support the Cheeto God. They made their bed.. so they must lie in it.

They won’t be given cookies and milk when he loses. This is politics not a fucking garden party.

Donald’s Servers Suck Too

Donald’s Servers Suck Too

Trump’s servers show glaring security flaws

I’m no Hillary fan and she was out of line to set up a private server. But good old Donald ripping her about it while HIS servers are open to attack is the essence of hypocrisy.

Somewhere in his servers is my e-mail address. Given to him by the assholes at Breitbart. I NEVER INTENDED THE ORANGE TURD TO HAVE MY E-MAIL ADDRESS! It was given/sold to him without my consent. The only reason I joined Breitbarts mailing list was so that I could see what the lunatics at the Breitbart Asylum were doing.

Now I find out like everything else about his campaign his IT security is shit.

Everything Donald Trump touches turns to shit.

Donald and sexual assault

Donald and sexual assault

It amazes me to watch Trump supporters villify Bill Clinton over his sexual predation while giving Donald a pass. And yes, they do give him a pass.

IMO, they are BOTH sexual predators and neither need to be in the White House.

What truly floors me is how these idiots (both sides) thought it was possible to run for President knowing themselves all of the shit they’ve pulled in the past.

By doing that Hillary and Donald have proven one thing.

They’re too stupid to draw breath let alone be President!

It’s sad watching the Democrats destroying one of their own

It’s sad watching the Democrats destroying one of their own

Of course I’m speaking of Donald. He’s a Democrat and he’s damned sure not conservative.
The only reason he’s running as a Republican is because he knew how pissed off people were and knew he could blow smoke
up their asses and they’d go for it.

Yes, there exists a small minority of Republicans who are village fucking idiots who will vote for that man.

The rest of us are intelligent enough that he sets our bullshit meter off.

The Democrats should be ashamed that he was a member of their party.

Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad

Whom the Gods would destroy they first make mad

Trump and his supporters only desire is to destroy the Republican party and Conservatives.

There are quite a few Trump fever swamps on the internet., Gateway Pundit, Conservative Treehouse, and of course Free Republic. In those places you see what those people actually think. Just got back from Free Republic. In a thread discussing Trump’s comments on being unshackled and able to run the way he wants they got the message. He’s openly declaring war on the Republican party and Conservatives. They were eating it up with a spoon. They despise the Republican party and Conservatives. They want it “burnt to the ground”. I honest to God believe they don’t give two shits about defeating Hillary. It’s not about Hillary and the Democrats they want the R’s destroyed. One of the knuckledraggers even brought up guillotines. They are out of their minds and people should be concerned.

Because when Trump loses and he will.. God only knows how the lunatics who support him are going to react. Hopefully they’ll just whimper and cry but they speak of violence and his supporters are damned near certifiable.

Only a lunatic, after the debates, would make up lists of online polls for people to visit and repeatedly vote for Trump having won said debate.

Only days later to point to those same online polls as proof that he won.

They and their glorious orange leader are insane.

No one should be shocked at how disgusting Trump is

No one should be shocked at how disgusting Trump is

He’s been that way forever…

SEE IT: Donald Trump comments on 1-year-old daughter’s breasts in disturbing 1994 interview

He sexualized his 1 year old daughter. He’s filth. Period.

Makes you wonder if he thought about his Mother that way too. Hey if you listen to Donald.. it’s a possibility!

The debate tonight should be interesting in light of the recent tape release.

One can only hope he wakes up and realizes he should quit.

I somehow doubt that he will.

He’s led around by his huge ego.

Meh the debate

Meh the debate

Went about like i thought it would with two people of no character trying to portray themselves as moral and political giants.

Hillary with her wooden practiced answers and honest to god frightening smile. A real woman would have kicked Bill’s ass to the curb over his philandering. That was bad enough but for the love of all that is holy when it came out he took multiple trips on the Lolita express to the pedophile island we found out just how much she cared about her future political career. He was her way into the white house and she wasn’t giving that up. She didn’t care that her Husband diddled young girls.

IMO, she shouldn’t talk about women’s issues because she isn’t one. She’s the third sex. Politician.

Then there’s Trump. I’m no feminist but he acted like a sexist ass during the debate. The faces and the way he spoke to her (and remember I’m no Hillary fan). My Mother taught me you treat everyone with respect. Evidently Trump was never taught that little gem. I laughed out loud when he threatened her with talking about Bill. Oh really? The man who could equal Bill morally is going to use Bill’s immorality as a stick on Hillary. You can’t make this shit up! I won’t bring up his Dad’s history or the fact that Donald is a scumbag who would force people from their homes for his fucking golf course. But let’s talk about the island again. Donald went there at least once. He was friends with the owner and only ended their friendship after the man was convicted. And then there’s Donald’s dislike of anyone not what he would consider beautiful and perfect. Look up his comments about the Racehorse Theory. He embraces the Alt-Right. He begs us to trust him. That it will all be great. I don’t trust him. Something tells me not to trust him.

If you listen to Donald you know he considers himself a perfect example of a human. Then he uses the word bigly. Yeah, not voting for the moron. NEVER.

So no. Mind wasn’t changed and I will never vote for either one of the fucking losers.

The law and order candidate doesn’t think regulations apply to himself

The law and order candidate doesn’t think regulations apply to himself

Trump rescued from stalled elevator

“This is why our country doesn’t work,” Trump said as he slammed the Colorado Springs fire marshal during the rally, moments after the department’s firefighters rescued him. The paper reported that Trump said the fire marshal “didn’t know what he was doing and ‘was probably a Democrat.’ “

What was the fire marshal’s sin? He said they’d passed out too many tickets and the venue couldn’t accommodate all of the people who wanted to attend.

To all you morons that are supporting him you do realize if, he’d gotten what he wanted, and you’d been in attendance and a fire had broken out Donald would have been responsible for your death/injury? Of course your hero never takes any personal responsibility for anything he does or says. He’d probably blame the fire marshal and you his slobbering idiot followers would agree with him. Because “Mr. Trump” can do no wrong!

He doesn’t have simple common sense and neither do his supporters.

The Khan/Smith Fiasco

The Khan/Smith Fiasco

It’s amazing. Instead of being understanding that these parents are devastated by the deaths of their sons the two candidates decided to attack the parents in varying degrees.

I seem to recall someone they both dislike, George W. Bush, experienced something more extreme with Cindy Sheehan. She protested outside his Texas home bringing the media circus along.

He didn’t attack her because he understood she was in pain.

Why the hell couldn’t they have behaved as Presidential instead of showing their asses?

Simple answer.

Neither of these losers act remotely Presidential.

They shouldn’t be in the White House let alone live there.

I pray to God that they never experience what these parents did.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

IMO, the parents should never have been part of the conventions. They are grieving and inconsolable. And we all know how blood thirsty the media, pundits, and the candidates supporters are when it comes to stories like these. Yes, the parents should speak out if they choose to. But they were used as set dressing for the conventions. They and their pain were used to accrue political advantage. Shame.

Breitbart writers lack reading comprehension skills

Breitbart writers lack reading comprehension skills

I refuse to link to the morons. The title of the post I will be referring to is this:

Useful Idiots: ‘Conservative’ Pundits Gaga Over Democrat Parlor Tricks

They claim the NeverTrumpers were praising the DNC convention. Wrong. And you’re tagging the wrong group as useful idiots. That would be you. You’re welcome.

Their reading comprehension skills are lacking. What they in their blind worship of the Orange Calf are failing to understand is that the NeverTrumpers were in mourning for their party. They were disgusted that the Breitbart mob, the Trumphumpers, the Republican establishment, and the Orange Calf have ceded what was for generations considered Republican to the Democrats. They were mourning the fact that the DNC were waving flags and talking about “our” values while the RNC convention was about worshiping the Orange Calf and becoming Democrat v2.0.

Their was no love of Hillary or the Democrat party. It’s all in the, IMO, deranged minds of the Trump supporters.

You could say, as the title of this post says, they lack reading comprehension skills. If you don’t believe that then you must accept that the main driving force behind Breitbart is to stir up the hatred of the Never Trumps in the true-believers of the Orange Calf.

They have become full-on Trump propagandists.

He can’t accept any blame, he is without any sin

He can’t accept any blame, he is without any sin

Trump blames GOP as Dems top RNC ratings

He claims he only showed up for his speech on Thursday night. I guess that was his clone who introduced his wife? His kids appeared every night right?

It was a Trump cavalcade of bullshit. The speakers only had two topics. How America was a third world hellhole and only “Mr. Trump” can save us. Or they blew smoke up our asses and lied and told us how we should vote for him because he’s so wonderful and perfect.

When he shows us the holes in his hands and feet I’ll believe that lie.

Oh this was a Donald J. Trump show all right.

Must hurt his feelings that so many thought he and his show sucked.