“Lock her up” my ass

“Lock her up” my ass

Trump won’t pursue case against Clinton, Conway says

Told you so. You bought his bullshit, and still buy his bullshit, but you’ll slowly find out he has no integrity.

He will tell you one thing and then do the opposite.

He’s a typical lying politician.

Seriously you people need to quit worshiping at politicians feet.

They will always disappoint you.

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From The Politistick:

Will Donald Trump Lock Hillary Up? Kellyanne Conway Reveals the Answer [VIDEO]

The quote over there is incredible. Help Hillary heal?!?!?

If my Husband had done what she did he’d have been fired and thrown in jail!

This from a man who called himself a law and order candidate? He’s going to let her off?

He lied to his supporters?

Why am I not surprised.

Something funny

Something funny

No not really funny. But I did chuckle when I saw it.

The alt right sub reddit has changed their scrolling banner.

Before it included photos of Mussolini and Hitler.

They attempted to replace the photos with images that are sorta patriotic.

Looks like they might not be happy with the attention they’re getting.

The Trump Clown Posse.. Kellyanne Conway edition

The Trump Clown Posse.. Kellyanne Conway edition

His posse is all pissed because anyone dared to suggest that Bannon is a fanboy of the alt right.

Cry me a river, build me a bridge and get the fuck over it.

From TPM:

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told reporters that she was “personally offended” by suggestions that Bannon represented the alt-right, even though he has proudly said that his website does. Conway said she would not “manage a campaign where that would be one of the going philosophies.”

She’s laughable.

All you had to do was to look at Trumps twitter account to see the shit he re-tweeted from the knuckle dragging members of the alt right. Her boss repeatedly re-tweeted alt right tweets. Even after being called out on it. Trump savaged Carson, Cruz, and a judge who just happened to be mexican. He calls for deportation. Building a wall. His stance on immigration.

Then he places Bannon in this position.

Is it that fucking difficult to see why the alt right would be so on board the Trump Train?

They see Trump as a fellow traveler.

They also see him as someone who can be manipulated. I think it’s hilarious that this crowd of dumbasses told us to not dismiss the Trump “movement” that it wasn’t as small as we claimed. I hate to tell them this but the alt right and their fellow travelers aren’t a small movement either. They’re world wide. They want power and they’ll use people to get what they want.

Even Presidents.

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Bannon doesn’t have to be a full blown alt right/nazi/kkk member people. The fact that he sees nothing wrong in reaching out to those people is a serious problem. He’s wrong to do it. They shouldn’t be given ANY credibility by anyone especially Trump and his crowd because by doing so they’re affirming what people who are not Republicans (left/democrats) have thought for a long time! Is that so fucking hard to understand? If you’re not what they claim you are to give any sign of accepting racists support should be something you run away from. Don’t embrace them!

The Trump Clown Posse.. Dr. Carson edition

The Trump Clown Posse.. Dr. Carson edition

From the Hill:
Carson not interested in serving in Trump administration

You can’t make this shit up.

“Dr. Carson feels he has no government experience, he’s never run a federal agency. The last thing he would want to do was take a position that could cripple the presidency.”

*emphasis mine

Sir, please do the country a favor and never run for President or any public office again in your lifetime. You have beclowned yourself repeatedly for Trump during this fiasco of a campaign. A man who compared you to a child molester.

And a man who has the exact level of government experience you have. Yet you felt he was capable of running the country.

I would have voted for you at one time.

Now you disgust me.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

I don’t feel the need to defend Trump

I don’t feel the need to defend Trump

Because I never supported him. IMO, he wasn’t a reputable candidate. Unlike some who now are “giving him the benefit of the doubt” and defending him after being strident in their opposition to his candidacy I’m going to stick to what I believed before election day. You see I didn’t think he was qualified to be President on Nov 7th. He didn’t magically become qualified on Nov 9th.

He’s not my candidate. I didn’t vote for him. I also didn’t vote for Hillary. So I feel that I can say things like this…

To Republicans/the Right:
Donald Trump is not Jesus Christ. Quit acting as though he is perfect. I’ve seen some batshit crazy shit said by his supporters online. He can do no wrong to his believers. They accept his actions even though in the past they’ve been opposed to those same actions by others. It’s insane. He’s a deeply flawed human being who believes he’s perfect and “great”. That is dangerous. His ego is immense. He’s also easily manipulated which is why his choice of Steve Bannon is dangerous. You see I’ve been to the hell holes of the Alt-Right online. I’ve seen what they say and it’s not good. They see Trump as someone they can manipulate. To them he’s a useful idiot. They’ll use him and they have no problem saying it. They want to spread their vile gospel around the world. And they’re doing it. Trump during the campaign was re-tweeting tweets from the alt right. If he didn’t want to be connected to them he should never have been giving them credibility. But then again he also believes Alex Jones is a reputable person. Donald Trump is a fucking train wreck about to happen and I refuse to defend him in any way.

To Democrats/the Left:
I won’t tell you to grow up but I will tell you that you don’t play a game and then try and change the rules. Your candidate lost not because of her gender but because of who she was and what she’s done in the past. Quit screaming and crying. You will not always win and you may think your side is superior but that doesn’t make it the truth. You are guilty of judging people by their “group” and not as individuals. You are bigots whether you will admit it or not. The reason the American people fell for Trump’s neo-populism is because for years they’ve been accused of being something that most of them are not. Your holier than thou attitude is why you’re now facing four years of a Trump presidency.

Trump believes he’s perfect and you believe the same about yourselves. You are Trump. You have no one to blame for your loss but yourselves. You need to spend your time in the wilderness in introspection and not spend it doing what you’re doing at the moment. But I don’t think you’ll do the mature thing. You never have.

To both sides:
IMO, you’re all fucking screaming squirrels. You should be fucking ashamed of what you’ve done to our country and you should be ashamed of what you’ve become.

I thank God that I didn’t fall for your bullshit.

To the Parents of the protesters

To the Parents of the protesters

It’s time for you to have a conversation with your child.

You should be honest and tell them that you lied to them when they were growing up.

They aren’t special. Yes, they’re special TO YOU because you’re their parents. Everyone else? Eh, not so much.

You might also might explain to them that there will be times they will lose elections. Politics sucks.

They need to understand that not everyone in the country agrees with them. That does not mean that they’re right and the other person is wrong. It means they disagree.

Your child is not allowed, out of disappointment or anger, to call the opposition nazis, racists, sexists, etc. That does not change minds.. it hardens positions.

They need to clearly understand that gays, african americans, and women voted for Trump whether they like it or not.

They need to understand the world doesn’t revolve around their pet causes.

Having seen some of the signs at the protests, if my child held up a sign that was so horribly misspelled, I would demand that they return home for some remedial education.

You need to explain to little Hubert or Petunia that disappointment is a part of life. They will not always win and they for damned sure won’t always get a trophy. We’re talking about the real world and not the educational bubble. There won’t be any “safe spaces” and “being triggered” won’t work when they have a job. What it will get them is fired. Better to be honest with them now than to listen to them snivel after finding out they’re not a “special little snowflake”.

A journalist speaks the truth

A journalist speaks the truth

That’s the fantasy, the idea that if we mock them enough, call them racist enough, they’ll eventually shut up and get in line. It’s similar to how media Twitter works, a system where people who dissent from the proper framing of a story are attacked by mobs of smugly incredulous pundits. Journalists exist primarily in a world where people can get shouted down and disappear, which informs our attitudes toward all disagreement.

Commentary: The unbearable smugness of the press

This has been going on for years. It’s not just Trump supporters they treat this way. It’s Republicans and Conservatives too. They marginalize us, these people who espouse fairness and justice, and it took the election for some to finally realize what they have wrought.

Hopefully others will open their eyes as well.

It was not a vote against a female President

It was not a vote against a female President

It was a vote against one particular female.


It had nothing to do with her genitalia.

It was her history/baggage that destroyed her.

After eight years of Obama a trip to the grocery store for basic groceries is mindblowing.
$200.00 or over. It’s easy to be a politician and not realize how everyday people are struggling from day to day.

When people are trying to feed their families they don’t give a rat’s ass about sexism, racism, and all of the other causes Democrats hold dear.

The Democrats lost not because people supported Trump.

This was about economic survival to everyday people. They couldn’t continue watching Democrats throw money hand after fist down a hole. They also knew that Hillary would be a continuation of that behavior.

That’s why they voted for Trump.

We weren’t the only ones to not vote for President

We weren’t the only ones to not vote for President

And Some Former Presidents Stood on Principle

To the left Bush was evil because he wasn’t one of them. To the right he was evil because he was just a little too compassionate.

We live in a world of extremes. Bush wasn’t extreme. So he’s been savaged by the left and right.

Rush Limbaugh is a self-aggrandizing media whore so I would expect him to lie.

Speaking for myself I simply could not vote for two people I believed weren’t worthy of the office. The effort to force people like myself to vote for Trump because of party loyalty, “Hillary”, or intimidation was reprehensible.

To Trump’s supporters: He may have won but that doesn’t mean people voted for him because they believe in what he ran on.

I think people simply could not stomach Hillary being President. Period.

It does not mean HE won.

The political crap is already started

The political crap is already started

The complete and utter BULLSHIT Paul Ryan is spewing on my television is the reason I took the stance I did.

“Unified Republican government” my ass.

Trump is GOPe.

All of you Trump fans are about to find out you’ve been screwed and they didn’t kiss you first.

Now we find out if you’re as intelligent and as principled as you claimed you were.

If Trump and his boys fuck you over will you accept it and be overjoyed.

Or will you find the courage to stand up to them

Finally it’s over

Finally it’s over

Thank God. How do I feel having been anti-Trump? Fine. I feel no regret at all. I truly expect Trump to be Trump. Same shit different day. The American Idol nation just elected the American Idol candidate. If you honestly think people elected him because they believed he was the better candidate you’re fooling yourself. They voted AGAINST Hillary and no it wasn’t because she was a woman. It was because she was Hillary and a Clinton. People are tired of the family dynasty bullshit. Let’s just hope that Chelsea took the hint.

And the current first lady. Note to the Democrats: Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Just sayin!

I feel great. The Trump posse probably imagine the Never Trumps as crying today. Ha. Not happening. Oh some are saying they’re going to give him a chance and that we need to come together. Can’t do that. Won’t do that.

America just elected a candidate who in his own mind believes he can do no wrong and is perfect. The egotist won. A man who has filed bankruptcy multiple times has been elected President of a morally and financially bankrupt nation. For years I’ve said that the lunatics are running the asylum. Well they just elected as head lunatic the patient who thinks he’s Napoleon. Bout what I expected. No surprise.

There are only two things that irritate me. One is that after eight years of hearing “let me be clear” I have to listen to a man who uses words and phrases like “bigly” “yuge” “it’ll be great”. For that I’d love to crotch punch the voters.

For four years I’ll have to look at that face.

I mean look at that face! Can you believe anyone voted for that face?

Clinton Implosion

Clinton Implosion

First let me say I’ve already voted and did not vote for Trump OR Clinton. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that neither one of them is a credible Presidential candidate. They’re also not good role models. For anyone. Period.

Hillary and her fans are screaming that the FBI has done this to screw with the election. Right. Hillary has been behaving like a power mad fool for years leading up to this. She brought this on herself. She claims to be for the little guy but in reality, as we’re now finding out, she’s been for herself all along. Laughably some are saying this is “an attack on women”. Seriously? Is that the best defense you can come up with? If she were a man this would be happening. What terrifies Hillary and crew is that this came out of nowhere. Trump had nothing to do with it. If she survives politically until election day I’m guessing she’s got a good chance of losing. If that happens. Fine. One down.

Because if Trump wins then we go after him. I have no doubt that he’ll screw up pretty early in his Presidency.

Neither of the candidates really understand the fact that we want neither of them. If one goes down then we go after the one that remains. Impeachment works for Democrats AND Republicans.

If they think by winning that they’re safe. They’re wrong.

WT everloving F

WT everloving F

This is about how our culture has become insane. If you’ve never read “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton I would be surprised. It’s always been a very popular book among teens. I won’t be giving a synopsis of what the book is about. Look it up. She wrote the book when she was a 15 year old living in Oklahoma.

Well social media is ripping her apart because she dared to say characters she created weren’t gay.

‘Outsiders’ Author S.E. Hinton Crucified on Social Media for Saying Her Characters Aren’t Gay

She created the characters. She has every write to say they weren’t gay.

When I first read the book I could plainly see that this group of young men who lacked parenting for the reasons she gave were a FAMILY. The book is about family and friendship. Not sex. At 15 she didn’t even know any gay people. She says that. But no, she hates gays because she said characters she created weren’t gay.

A reader interprets the book but that doesn’t mean their interpretation is correct.

The only person whose interpretation truly counts is the author. She knows why she wrote her characters the way she did. It’s not social sin for her to say they weren’t gay. It’s simply the truth.

I know it’s a shock for some of the younger generation to read this but it IS possible for people to be simply friends. Nothing more. When did the idea of fucking your friends become a “thing”? It will destroy a friendship. If some claim it doesn’t then they’re lying to themselves so they can be social warrior keyboard commandos banging away at their keyboards to attack people who dare to disagree with them.

I actually had the chance to meet Hinton when they made the Outsiders movie. She’s a very nice woman who doesn’t deserve this crap. Social media was one of the worst inventions ever created. It’s turned into a monster looking for someone to devour. She’s just one of the many current victims. It’s sad that something that was most likely created for good has turned into a weapon for the hateful.

When I was younger I used to wonder why older people would say things like “stay off my lawn!”.

Now that I’m older I understand.

They don’t want the crazy to get too fucking close.

I voted

I voted

I chose to vote for no one for President. There are many reasons, and I will talk about those later, but the main reason is this..

I’m tired of voting for people who don’t know what it’s like on the ground out here in the real world. They’ve spent so much time in their ivy towers of power that they honestly don’t know what it’s like to be a normal everyday American. They don’t drive. I doubt Donald Trump has ever been in a grocery store to buy groceries. Hillary Clinton hasn’t done that in a very long time. They’ve lost touch with everyday Americans and because of that have lost touch with reality.

When you walk into a grocery store right now and end up spending over $200 on basic groceries there is something seriously wrong. Then you see the two people who their parties have nominated claim to be on your side.

It’s insulting and it’s a bold faced lie.

It’s time someone was elected who HAS had to live within a family budget, buys groceries, and fucking drives a car.

We need to stop electing candidates who crave power.