Family Stories

When you start working on family genealogy you usually find out that the stories that are passed down in families are not quite true. In my family there was a story about a Mohawk Native American princess. (One of the most common family tales is about a Cherokee princess.) I spent I don’t know how long researching Native American tribes in the area where my family had been located. I had tons of information! I deleted all of it this past weekend. There was no NA princess in my family. One of my relatives still claims there is one.. but there isn’t.

Another family member claims to have visited a village in Ireland where one side of our family supposedly originated. Oddly enough the largest brick wall in my tree is that side of the family. We have NO IDEA where this person came from originally.

I’ve learned you need to be skeptical of any family story, tale, myth, or fable!

Sharknado 2 BABY!

Can’t wait! The first one was SO bad! Being a sequel this one is guaranteed to suck! ;)

I read somewhere that they’re considering (if they do one) a Sharknado 3. The person was talking about going “international”.

Nah, there’s one place that most people would love to see get leveled by a sharknado… Washington DC! It has a buttload of landmarks to be destroyed so it would work.

One of THOSE days

I bought some replica documents, Gettysburg Address, etc, and was planning on framing them today. We went to Hobby Lobby and bought frames and everything we needed. This morning I intended to work on it.

I think the double sided tape and hangers got tossed in the trash by mistake…

Crap…the flags arrive today. Guess it will have to wait until we buy more supplies and get back from the movie tomorrow. *sigh*

GM’s Recalls

Hey, GM, why don’t you just buy back all the pieces of crap you sold us? Our Cobalt has had 3 recalls so far. The last one hasn’t been repaired because “we don’t have the parts and have to order them”. It’s the ignition recall. The one that’s killed about 60 people? Oh and they knew about the problem a long time ago and didn’t do shit about it.

We were told it would be 4 to 6 fucking weeks before it can be repaired. What to do in the meantime? Take everything off the fucking key. No keychain. Nothing. Oh and try not to “hit” the key while the car is running. Oh, it’s as simple as that! I guess if someone else dies while waiting for parts their family will get 1 million too… that makes it all better. Bastards. I’ll never buy another GM product. We decided to limit our trips in the car until it’s repaired. Well for this round!

*The reason we traded our car in was because the fucking windows wouldn’t roll down and had no AC. What is the Cobalt doing now? The damned drivers side window won’t roll down. Well… I guess if I get stopped by a cop and he shoots me because I can’t roll my damned window down and have to open the door GM can pay my family too!

(We took it in and they said “We can’t recreate the problem so we can’t fix it”.. I’d suggest that they didn’t try hard enough. I should know. My family were in the auto repair business and they wouldn’t have used that fucking excuse. They would have kept trying until they DID replicate it.)

Makes me wish I hadn’t bought the damned thing… but the previous car was listed in a recall YESTERDAY.

When we do buy another car.. I’m going to send this one back to the shitty dealership we bought it from one part at a time.. consider it my own reverse form of recall.

Chevys are great my ass…

Valiant Hearts

I’m a video game player from way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and spent their time playing Pong. Went thru the whole super mario period too. My son is 14 and of course into video games. While watching E3 online I saw a game mentioned that grabbed my attention. Being a history buff “Valiant Hearts” got my attention as it’s set in World War I. I thought man I have to have that.

Bought it this weekend and I have to say it’s a bit boring at times. The gameplay that is.. but the story grabs you by the heartstrings. WWI is not a subject you see talked about in this day and age. It was horrific and I appreciate that Ubisoft didn’t go dark with VH. It has it’s darker moments but it has silly sections and humor as well. What has blown my mind is the reaction to this little game.

This little game elicits a gut level reaction from players that you don’t often see. Have you ever seen game players talking about crying while playing a game? I haven’t. That’s blowing my mind. I really think history is a genre in video games that has been slighted. Oh you’ve got a few. I’ve been playing Assasins Creed 3 as well as the new Wolfenstein game. Told ya I was a history freak. (Wolfenstein is Hubby’s game but all three of us have sort of been playing it together. lol We all have different “gaming” skill sets.)

But this simple little game is different. If you have a teenager get them a copy. Not so much for the gameplay but for the story and the history. Who knows it might get them interested in history. I love it and want to finish it… taking my time because I know how it ends. It’s heartbreaking. As the comments on youtube say “It has too many feels!” Although I seriously wonder about what history is taught in school. Commenters were saying they think a scene at the end implies a sequel set in WW2. Nope. VH is pretty much centered in France. This was a world war and there were many fronts. The Americans haven’t even entered the war in VH. The American in it is a volunteer in the French Foreign Legion. Ubisoft should run with it and do a sequel. Of all of the games that have sequels this one deserves one to tell more of the story.

It’s a beautiful haunting little game well worth the price.

Ahhh weekends…

Much better than weekdays. After considering the situation for awhile we decided to change cat food and cat litter. We had a situation where the cat pan reeked. We were using some crap made out of walnut hulls. OMG, the smell was offensive. Not the hulls… the crap! I would NOT recommend it to anyone. We bought some Nature’s Miracle cat litter and having nearly broken my arm moving the boxes to the cart. (OUCH!) They weigh a freakin ton. We changed the cat pan and wonder of wonders no stench. AT ALL. This stuff is great. We also changed their food to Wellness Core.

Before changing the food we’d be woken up by cats wanting more food, bella was always at the food bowls or trying to herd us to the food bowls to give her more food. They were all over the place yowling, fighting, etc. Not after changing the food. They seem more satisfied and don’t beg for more food. What we got is grain free and higher protein. We’re thrilled.. even though we have two bags of the walnut crap.

Tried out my enamelled lodge dutch oven. Wow. Love it. Except for the weight. Rough on sore arms. Making pot roast and fresh green beans with red potatoes tonight. Crockpot. Easier on the arms.

We’ve gotten 3 inches of rain this morning which means the joints are killing me. Hurting all over this morning. Ouch. The rain is great the pain not so much..

New goodies arrived!

I ordered a lodge enameled cast iron dutch oven and grilling pan. They arrived Wednesday. OMG, they’re heavy! Love the grill pan after trying it out last night. I’ll have to come up with something to make in the dutch oven.

Yeah, it’s not Le Creuset, but then again I don’t feel the need to shell out hundreds of bucks on a dutch oven. You see women gasping over how wonderful they are.. good lord people get a grip. It’s a pan.. not something life changing. I paid around $50 for mine.

Maybe I’m strange but I don’t get the Kitchenaid fanaticism. Oh I’d take one if it were given but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I adore my Sunbeam Heritage stand mixer. Red, of course, and when it’s running it’s so powerful it sounds like it’s going to fly off the counter. I thought about painting nose-art on the side!

I will admit there is one thing I’d blow a ton of money on. When dreaming of my dream house I want to have a really large nice in-kitchen fridge/freezer but I also want a commercial fridge/freezer in the pantry. THAT is my dream! I NEVER have enough room in this apt sized fridge we have now. Try really cooking in one of these. I think they were intended for the people who eat out or only have a half gallon of milk and a jar of mustard. Beyond that and it’s a pain in the ass.

Oh and the pantry/laundry room/office for moi in the dream house too. I hate single use rooms!

June 16th double tornadoes in Nebraska

It was incredible watching two major tornadoes on video.

I have one problem with the coverage. For the love of GOD no one reporting on an event should make references to it “only being a small town”. Pilger is a town of 400 people. Half of their town was destroyed. It might not be fucking Chicago but it is just as important as any large town. That little town has been devastated. To then hear the commentary about their town inflicts even more damage.

It doesn’t matter what size the fucking town is people. That is an incredibly offensive thing to say. My heart breaks for those people. It will take them years to recover from the emotional damage of being a victim of the tornadoes.

Get it together reporters/mets.

Ugh sometimes I think my cats hate me

I woke up this morning because one used me as a launching pad after scratching my elbow to get my attention.

It’s raining and thundering too. Come to think of it that might be WHY I was woken up…

“Mommy, mommy, mommy! Wake up! It’s noisy out there!”

To top it off I completely forgot today is Fathers Day. Ugh.

I love Mabel but…

I can get away with petting her a few times then that head goes back and the fangs come out and then I hear that weird little cat snarl. This cat seriously has issues. Bless her heart she loves me when I have food (she’ll even let me pet her a bit.. although she’s started batting at plates if you’re holding one in your hand) but when it’s gone it’s back to pure bitch. We’ve had them since March. I’m sure they probably would have put her down eventually at the shelter. I don’t know if even Jackson Galaxy could help her. We’ve made adjustments to help her. We cleared off furniture and the pass-thru so she can walk along it. She likes to be high. Shes taken to sitting on the pass-thru and watching me wash dishes or cook. Oh I know she thinks “food” but it’s cute. I talk to her, call her chef, and she reacts to it happily. It’s one of the few times she acts happy and like a cat. she’s sad.

We love her, feed her, and deal with the attempts to eat plastic. We bought some toys to try and wear her out and release some of the aggression. She enjoys it. Damn that cat can jump!

Bella doesn’t do too badly jumping. She gets some serious air for a cobby cat. She’s lost the fat. When we got her OMG that cat looked like she could roll around the room she was absolutely ROUND. She still waddles and it’s adorable. That little squeak she gives when she jumps down is cute too. I think it’s something cobby cats do.

Right now they’re both zonked out in office chairs. They’ve both laid claim to a chair. Damned hard to see a black cat in a black chair! They’ve just about been squashed quite a few times! lol

Finally finished

Moving and copying all that crap was a lot of work! Whew!

I was asked once what it was like to live in Oklahoma City

I told the person that the best way to describe it was like this… moments of boredom punctuated by moments of shear terror. A description used for the Civil War and it pretty damned well sums up living here during tornado season!

May 31st Event: Mike Morgan KFOR

(Posted June 6, 2013)

IMO, he was wrong to tell people to get in their vehicles and leave. In all my years living in Oklahoma I’ve only heard that suggested for those in mobile homes with no shelter available.

KFOR has the tendency to be histrionic in these situations when the public is needing clear concise information.

 Oklahoma TV weatherman vilified for tornado advice

What was it like out there on the roads that night?

Frightened Okla. residents opt to flee tornadoes

When he tells people in south OKC to leave… it was headed towards us. We stayed in our bathroom.

Getting conflicting advice in this situation is bad. They should all be giving the same advice. And for the love of GOD stop the crap about “you have to be underground to survive”. There are lots of people who have come crawling out of closets, bathrooms, and hallways after EF5s who would disagree.
In the end the only thing that hearing that causes is panic. Not good.

“Tornado tour companies draw criticism from Oklahomans in storms’ path”

(Posted June 17, 2013)

I knew I’d read an article about this at some point…

Tornado tour companies draw criticism from Oklahomans in storms’ path

The group mentioned is co-owned by Reed Timmer. I’m not bashing Reed but I wonder if he’s ever actually been a victim of a tornado. If he hasn’t he might feel differently if he had.

I can definitely understand where the woman in the article is coming from. I’ve always cringed, and at times been damned angry, seeing “Tornado tours”. Certainly not all tornadoes strike populated areas. Most probably occur over empty ground. In the end it doesn’t matter to a victim. They see a bunch of yahoos who paid big bucks to drive around for days trying to see a tornado. The same thing that has destroyed their lives. It’s offensive.

I recall seeing a documentary on television and it included two women who were waiting with baited breath to see a large tornado. They were very offensive. It’s as if they had no freakin idea that their “big tornado” could hurt others or homes. Jesus. I was so pissed. So I can definitely understand the victim in the articles feelings.

Hey I’ve got an idea! While these twits are shelling out $3500.00 for their tour how about tacking on an extra $500 as a donation to victims? Or setting up a meeting with tornado victims so they can find out just how devastating tornadoes are to the victims.

Aww but we don’t want to do that. That would ruin all the fun!

Tornado sirens are NOT for people indoors

(Posted June 19, 2013)

This is directed at Lubbock Texas but the main point is true for every location.

Tornado sirens target people outside

Chattanooga Tennessee tornadoes

(Posted June 19, 2013)

I lived in Chattanooga briefly after meeting my Husband. After having lived in tornado alley central all of my life I foolishly thought all cities had tornado sirens. Hah! When my Husband to be told me they didn’t I thought about packing my bags and getting the hell out! We joke about it now.. hehe

The other night while going through links for the blog I was goofing around at the tornado history project. I was putting in locations to see what I’d find out.

Husband says type in Chattanooga. Damn. Found out an F3 hit about 3 blocks from his old apartment. It was around 1 am too! He said he didn’t remember that. Guess he was asleep!

I’m damned glad we live in Oklahoma City now! As I tell people if you’re going to live somewhere tornadoes are likely Oklahoma is the place to be!

Debunking tornado myths

Five Tornado Myths Debunked by Mike Smith

We had plenty of warning for days in advance that tornadoes were a possibility over a period of 3 – 4 days. I disagree with the whole “15 minutes of warning” line. IF people pay attention to the weather they can have plenty of warning. Yes, there will be some who walk around with their heads up their asses but honestly out here during tornado season that’s just plain fucking stupid.

I also believe, as on May 31st, if at all possible earlier in the day that the public should be given the option to get to safety. Some said if you want to go out past the dryline LEAVE NOW. They said that around noon I think that day. Plenty of time to evacuate past where the storms would fire. THAT kind of evacuation could work in some situations if we’re given enough warning.

#4 I have a problem with. I agree with the main idea. But the comment about employers opening shelters to employees families… isn’t going to work. My Husband works for the Federal Government. They’re too concerned with security to think of doing that. It sucks.

#5 HELL YES! AMEN Brother! Climate change has not increased the number or strength of tornadoes! It’d be nice if the damned media would do some honest to God research instead of listening to bozos who use it to install fear for their own political purposes!

Mike Smith and changes to the warning system

(Posted on June 17, 2013)
Proposed Modifications to the Tornado Warning System

As a civilian who depends on warnings I’d agree with all of them especially the all clear!

House hearing on weather forecasting

(Posted on July 2, 2013)

I was watching it online at CSPAN. Holy cow I had to close it. Being from Oklahoma it was painful to watch Jim Bridenstein(?) misunderstand what Kathryn Sullivan was saying. He’s fixated on getting one hour of warning for tornadoes. She said they are concerned with the reaction the public would have to one hour of warning. They have listened to social science research that says to be cautious. He needs to back off. I’m “the public” and I understand what they’re concerned about.

Let’s say a tornado warning is put out for Pigsnuckle county Oklahoma (this is an example). A one hour warning. What they are afraid of is that our imaginary Sue who lives in that county will spend that hour trying to save things, get out in her car, or just go about her day thinking “Well I’ve got an hour till I need to worry”. Social scientists are studying how people would react to an hours warning. It might be detrimental to have an HOUR of warning.

Another example. Fred is home from school. He hears that they’ve released a one hour warning. He gets distracted with a video game. He’s sitting there blasting the crap out of an enemy in his video game and a tornado comes through and blasts the crap out of his house while he’s playing! An hours warning didn’t save Fred. It killed him. A 15 or 16 minute warning is more immediate. You KNOW you have to act NOW.

IMO, an hours warning is unnecessary if the public is educated to the fact that they have access to multiple day outlooks. We’re talking DAYS people. I knew, I believe, on the 17th of May that we were in for 3 – 4 days of rough weather. On the 19th Shawnee got hit. And we all know what happened on the 20th in Moore. Same applies to the storms on the 31st. We HAD days of warning that we should be paying attention.

We still have people who believe a tornado siren is for those indoors. It’s for those who are outside. We have people who still think it’s a good idea to shelter under an overpass. It doesn’t matter how many times people are told not to do it they still do it. We have a TV Met who told people on two different days to run away from tornadoes. (I have seen the video from those two days. You’d have to be a moron to think that’s not what he meant.) People who had perfectly good shelter got in their cars and ran! I’m not saying people won’t do what needs to be done to protect themselves if given the correct information. But what needs to be remembered is an event such as this is terrifying. When people are frightened they don’t react in a normal fashion.

The NWS is correct to be cautious. Research needs to be done by social scientists. Jim needs to chill and remember that not too long ago we didn’t get 16 minutes of warning!

Thoughts on May 31st tornado

(Posted on August 29, 2013)

Been going through videos and doing some looking at sites online.


I have been reading posts by people hoping it wouldn’t hit Moore. I feel for Moore and
everyone was in anguish over the tornado the 20th. No offense meant.

In between El Reno and Moore there are two apartment complexes that I know of and there are probably more before you reach the edges of Moore. There are a TON of homes in between El Reno and Moore.

Not every tornado that strikes Oklahoma City hits Moore. Please remember that. If it had continued on it’s track at high strength it would have wounded thousands and killed God knows how many. I live in one of those apartment complexes and I know we have no shelter!