Geez, not this shit again

Geez, not this shit again

After having given his “great” speech he goes on television and starts the bullshit about Cruz again.

Ted is living in his head rent free.

What a small man. He wins and won’t let it go.

He’s out for total destruction.

That’s what he does. Destroy.

We know he hates those who have principles, integrity, common decency, and honor because he has none of those qualities.

Republican party you created this dictator wannabe.

You own it.

One question for those who are supporting this man.

If he goes after Cruz like this.

What the fuck makes you think he won’t do the same thing to you and your loved ones?

Mike Pence

Mike Pence

One would almost feel sympathy for him if it weren’t for the fact that he accepted the bargain. He sold his soul.

When looking at him I get a “Nadine” vibe. I don’t think he realized what he was getting himself into.

Nadine? Nadine from the Stand.

“We are damned and this is hell”.

From the depths of Mordor Sauron spoke

From the depths of Mordor Sauron spoke

And the Orks and Goblins rejoiced. Clapping like trained seals.

I read the speech. It was better in text than being yelled into microphones.
The only reason it ran so long was so Donald could “beat” Bill Clinton’s record.
He’s all about winning, crushing, destroying if you will.

America is Somalia and Donald is going to save us and fix all of the problems.
“Make America Great Again” now makes sense.

Having seen the speech you now know what some of us have known for a long time.

The Republican party is dead.


It is now the Democrat party v2.0.

As I said previously I’m done.






You can tell Donald is an Alex Jones fan. Fear. He uses it against you.

Some of the worst recent decisions from the Supreme Court have included justices that REPUBLICANS nominated!

Just because the Republican Trump party nominates them doesn’t mean they will “toe the Trump party” line.

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

Wow.. honestly I was rather disgusted when Ted gave up. Watching his speech tonight was breathtaking. People were freaking out wondering if he’d endorse the Orange god. I didn’t know what would happen after seeing what’s happened this week I just didn’t know.

His speech was masterful and the best of the convention. When he said to vote your conscience I teared up.

He knows it’s the grassroots that are important. He also, bless him, used the C word.. Constitution. He spoke about subjects that haven’t been spoken about at this convention!

The reaction from the Trump thugs I expected. Odd though that the idea of people voting their conscience turned them into an angry mob. They also assumed that meant a vote against their candidate.. which is funny in a sad way. They know the truth yet can’t admit it.

I’m sure we’ll hear more about the fallout tomorrow. It’s gonna be cray-cray, baby!

This explains a lot

This explains a lot

Ted Cruz would run in 2020 even if Trump is president, RNC official says

Wow. All the fighting over rules and smashing of dissent had nothing to do with the Orange god. Poor Donald needs to understand they don’t give a damn about him. It’s all about them.

The gop has always been anti-conservative. So much so that they’ve embraced a democrat in the form of Trump. That says a lot about the party. Wow. This is like watching history. They did the same thing before and backed Ford to fight Reagan. Ford lost. Reagan came back and ran again and won.

This isn’t a good omen for their Orange god…

Remember those stories about Trump winning and not serving?

Remember those stories about Trump winning and not serving?

Report: Trump camp offered to make Kasich ‘most powerful VP in history’

Looks like they were partially true. Oh he wants to be President but if he’s elected the Vice President will get the shit jobs the President is supposed to do. Which makes you wonder two things.

Does that mean Kasich is smarter than Pence? And WTF does “Making America Great Again” really mean? He doesn’t want to do the work.. he just wants the credit. He doesn’t intend to be an actual, you know, PRESIDENT, he wants to maintain his Celebrity cred and coast.

Thanks Republicans!

Honestly? I don’t think the orange god will win. Women hate him, minorities hate him, people with IQ’s higher than warm yoghurt hate him, and small yapping yorkies hate him as well.

Okay I made up that part about the yorkies but you get my point.



I knew it was going to happen but it’s still a shock. Maybe I’m naive but I believed Republicans wouldn’t sink to such a low level. I was wrong. They disappointed the shit out of me. Evidently the Republican party stands for silencing dissent. It wasn’t about “majority” it was about power. Donald and the GOPe are now walking in lockstep. Donald is now the establishment candidate you fucking morons. The establishment is pretending to support him at the same time as the shadow convention is going on in the background. They know he is going to lose so they’re preparing to pick up the pieces.

Above all I am a realist. To all of the Ted Cruz supporters he will never be allowed to be President as a Republican. Get that out of your heads and deal with your grief. The party that has endorsed and backed a philandering, blow-hard, meglomaniacal bigot will never support Cruz. They see people like Cruz as distasteful. They don’t want conservatives. They want the easily manipulated, the power hungry, and those without honor. That explains their ability to accept Donald Trump and his gaggle of goose stepping thugs.

They don’t want us. They’ve shown that very clearly. I watched the rules committee and saw the signs telling people how to vote (TRUMPGOPNO), I watched as a small handful of people stood up to speak every time. People who were there specifically to silence dissent and to bring about the conclusion that Trump/GOPe wanted. It didn’t stop there. On the floor people were being threatened by party thugs and Trump thugs. Threatened.

The party of Lincoln has become the party of thugs.

Because they have more interest in power, silence dissent, and have accepted Trump the Republicans have lost two more voters.

My Husband and I will be changing our party affiliation to Independent.


Saddam on the Hudson

Saddam on the Hudson

As usual Donald stuck his foot in his mouth with his comments about Hussein. The media misreported what he meant he explained. It helps if you can string together an intelligent thought. Donald sounds like a blithering idiot 99% of the time.

But I’m sure Donald would love to have election results like Saddam. He would win with 100% of the vote every time. I say that because Donald and his cronies don’t understand how our political system works. I was reading the comments section at a website yesterday and people argued for hours with a Trumphead who simply could not understand the way the political system works. He bitched and moaned about the people having voted for Trump and how the nomination was going to be stolen at the convention. Bitch, please!

The primaries are not an actual vote. Donald is called the presumptive nominee because the delegates at the convention will officially choose the nominee. He hasn’t won yet. So he wants to force the delegates to elect him. Those delegates have the FREEDOM to choose to vote however they want. States forcing delegates to sign pledges to vote for him are morally reprehensible and contrary to everything Republicans are supposed to represent.

How he and his cronies respond to this situation makes me ask one question.. is Donald an American or is he Saddam on the Hudson? Does he believe in true freedom or does he just want power?

Free the delegates!

Trump supporter

Trump supporter

Trump supporting tow truck driver refuses to tow handicapped Bernie supporter


“Something came over me, I think the Lord came to me, and he just said get in the truck and leave,” Mr. Shupe said. “And when I got in my truck, you know, I was so proud, because I felt like I finally drew a line in the sand and stood up for what I believed.”

How dare you use God to excuse your choice to be a jackass? What part of “Do to others what you want them to do to you.” did you not understand? I sincerely doubt your Mother would pat you on the back and say “Good job, son, I’m proud of you!”. If she’s still alive she’s probably horrified and ashamed because she raised you better than that! If you were my son I’d kick you in the ass so hard you wouldn’t be able to sit for a week!

This is a prime example of why I will sit out the Presidential election. This is the behavior that Trump inspires in people. He brings out the absolute worst in people.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

My Mother taught me that I should follow my first instincts. The first time I saw Donald Trump bloviating I disliked him. Something about him bothered me. Now he’s running for President.

Today I found this:
What Sort of Man Is Donald Trump?

My first instinct was right. There is no way in hell I’d ever vote for him especially after reading that article. That the man would deny a relative, an innocent baby, healthcare is reprehensible. But to do it out of spite is beyond the pale.

My Husband has Cerebral Palsy. He’s high functioning and still has problems. I know the problems my Husband went through as a child.

To think what that child’s parents experienced.. I have no words. No that’s not quite true…

Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to be dogcatcher let alone President.

If the GOPe hates a candidate it’s a good thing

If the GOPe hates a candidate it’s a good thing

From CNN:
The Ted Cruz pile on: GOP senators warn of revolt should he win nomination

That would be Cruz not Trump. They’ve decided they’re going to go all out to destroy Cruz.

Why? Because he stands against them.

The alarming thing, and it should be to Trump fans, is that they’ve decided Trump is the better choice.

I wonder why.

Could it be because they know he can be massaged and manipulated to go along with that they believe? Or could it be because he has in the past shown a tendency to support the things they believe. They feel more comfortable with Trump than Cruz.

That should frighten the Trumpets (for lack of a better descriptive word). But it doesn’t. That does not bode well for them.

They’re in for a rude awakening should he win the Primary and by some miracle the election.

They may regret their support for him in the future.